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Letter To The Editor - Ark Animal Sanctuary


Margaret Malone


To the editor:

I’m sure all the Thanksgiving leftovers have long since disappeared but we continue to be thankful for everyone who has helped us in the past and especially during this transition period since we have assumed the care and control of homeless companion animals in LaGrange County.

If you haven’t been on the Ark Animal Sanctuary- formerly the LaGrange County Animal Shelter- please make it a point to do so. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the changes. It’s easy to find- just take SR 9 to 300 South and go west and you’ll see it on the south side of the road. The address Is 530 E. 300 S. LaGrange. The hours are Monday-Friday 10-7, Saturday 12-4, and Sunday by appointment.

 Ark’s mission continues to be: “To improve the lives of companion animals by finding forever homes, by providing health care, by educating the public, by assisting pet owners, and by keeping the Ark Animal Sanctuary no-kill adoptable.”

Every animal that comes in to the Sanctuary is now evaluated, given necessary vaccinations, medical care as needed and altered as soon as possible.

Your help is crucial to our being able to continue this level of care so that we can ultimately place them in forever homes. We need your help, not only financially, but in providing foster homes until we can find forever homes for them. If you can provide a temporary home, Ark will pay for food and all medical expenses. Please call the Sanctuary at 260-463-4142 if you can help.

We are also continuing to provide food for the pets of people who are temporarily having financial difficulties. Over 700 pets have been able to stay with their families because of the Pet Food Pantry.

The Ark Paws and Claws Bookstore provides books, puzzles and other materials for only a donation which is used to further our mission with the animals.

We will soon be putting acrylic dog houses around the community to collect donations. If you would like one in your place of business, please call the bookstore at 260-562-2100 and leave a message. We will be happy to deliver one to you and pick it up when it is full.

If you can help financially, Ark will send you a letter for your taxes. We are a 501-(C)-3 non-profit organization and you may be able to deduct your donation form your taxes. To find out more about Ark, got to or

Our mailing address us Ark, Box 95, Howe, IN 46746 and checks can be made out with to Ark Animal Rescue or Ark Animal Sanctuary. Thank you, Merry Christmas, and God bless you in the coming year.