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Letter To The Editor - Animal Neglect


Sue Nelson

South Bend


To the Editor:

    Yesterday I went to a small town near South Bend for business. While there, I encountered two horses tethered outside a store. Not unusual, except the horses with iron shod hooves were desperately lifting their hooves to relieve the 95 percent heat burning not only their backsides but also the asphalt beneath their hooves.

    You might ask yourself why anyone would tether animals like that, particularly when these particular people disregarding the animals to whom they owe their very lives, not to mention their professed love of and allegiance to God, except to care for his creatures, would treat the very animals who serve them, carry them, work for them every day of their sad lives and who as Christians serve (supposedly) God, do this I have no conceivable answer. Maybe, ignorance. How horribly sad.

    Apparently there is no law to protect these animals, not just the horses but all of the animals owned by these people. A solution is to stop patronizing their stores to make tourism in this area a thing of the past.