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Letter To The Editor - American Legion


Last Saturday I had the pleasure of having an awesome surf and turf dinner at the LaGrange American Legion. Every year, the Legion honors the past commanders and their mates with a dinner. The widows and widowers of the past commanders are also invited.

After dinner, the speaker asked the past commanders for a show of hands of the men and women who served in the different wars. I saw only one hand go up for WWII, the rest were from Korea and Vietnam. It amazed me that there was no one there to represent those who fought in the other wars. Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, Iraq and all the present wars were not really fairly represented. The Legion isn’t just a social club, it’s there to help all those who have served our country.

When you join the American Legion, you are fighting another kind of war. This one protects and defends all the men and women who served plus those who were injured bodily and those who suffered mentally. Everyone who has fought for our country has suffered in some way and needs to have help in one way or another. That is what your Legion does. It lobbies Washington to get the benefits you and your family deserve. They send boys and girls to serve at the state and federal level to learn how our country works, and someday they will be the ones who will have to help straighten out the mess our country is in now. We are trying, but it takes a long time and when we succeed, they are the ones who will carry on.

As for you personally, if you need to talk, who better to talk to then someone who has been there and done that? Visit the Legion club room, there is always someone to talk to. There is no problem too difficult to solve if you have a little help.

If you’re a motorcycle rider, they have a great cycle club. As for the family, there are many activities to keep the kids healthy and happy. There are all kinds of family parties – they even still celebrate the holidays. Your mate can join the Auxiliary and there are Sons and Daughters of the American Legion clubs. Every member of your family has a chance to help others.

So when you leave the people who have been your family in the war, join the family at home who will be there to protect your back like your buddies did overseas. Joining the American Legion when you return means you are still fighting but this time you are fighting for the benefits you deserve and the benefits of those who are still overseas fighting for not only our freedom but also the freedom of others.

Join the American Legion – the money you pay for dues is a lot less than dinner and a movie and your family will be entertained for a year, not just a few hours.

One more thing, along with the great food, the bartender serves a mean vodka martini.