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Letter To The Editor - Adams Lake History


Barb Mulholland



To the Editor:

I am writing a book on the History and Memories of Adams Lake.

I am interested in interviewing long time residents or quests that might have a story to tell. I am looking for photo's of any activity on the lake such as fishing, ice fishing, boating, ice skating, hockey, sailing etc. I would like photo's of cottages before they were torn down and photo's of the new home built in its place. I would also like photo's of the Picnics sponsored by the Conservation Club, Parades, Miss Adams Lake Contest, Grocery stores, Restaurants, Lazy Susan etc.

I can scan your photo's without taking them out of a scrap book or photo album and give them back to you at that time.

I am also writing a chapter on Johnson Township which includes Wolcottville and Woodruff. If you have information about either of these towns, their retail, government, changes in the town etc. I would love to hear from you. I would very much like to include you and your information in my book.

You may contact me at 260-854-4311 or