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Letter To The Editor - 911 Response

Arron R. Knisley

Director of Communications

LaGrange Co. Sheriff’s Dept.


To the Editor:

Response to Deb Perrin from LaGrange Standard Our Readers Write, dated 11/11/13

Ms. Perrin,

In response to your letter to the editor in regards to your experience while calling 911 to report an incident that occurred in Sturgis, Mich., at the intersection of Centerville and Chicago roads. I can only offer the following information.

LaGrange County, Ind., and St. Joseph County, Mich., are working together better now than has ever been technologically possible over the past several years.

From your letter and not talking to you directly I can only come to the conclusion that appropriate protocol was followed with this situation.

When the LaGrange County Communications Center receives a call from someone that needs services provided by one of our surrounding agencies, it is our practice to determine as quickly as possible where the person that is in need of services is located and to bring them on the line with the correct jurisdiction’s dispatch center.

We do not take all of the information that the caller wants to provide and make a second call to relay the information. It has been our experience that allowing the caller to speak directly with the jurisdiction that their need for service is in, is faster and provides that dispatch center the ability to ask further questions that are pertinent to the area and surroundings that the event is taking place.

The 911 dispatcher in this particular call was making a quick assessment of where the emergency was occurring and attempting to directly connect you with the appropriate personnel to get you emergency services as fast as possible.

Unfortunately during emergencies, and in a time of need, seconds feel like minutes and minutes feel like hours, often leading to frustration and impatience and we all understand that.

I would ask that if a situation should arise like this in the future, that a little more of your time would be given to bring the appropriate agency on the 911 call with us, so that together we can all answer your call for service while working together with you to get the appropriate personnel to the scene as quickly as possible.

In the future please feel free to contact me direct with any concerns. I can be reached directly at 260-463-0251.