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LCCF doubles matching challenge for ministerial association fundraiser


The LaGrange County Community Foundation (LCCF) Board of Directors has named the month of July as LaGrange Ministerial Association month. LCCF is encouraging local donors to support that association’s annual fundraising effort and for its part has pledged a dollar-for-dollar match on total donations – up to a maximum of $2,000. That is twice the pledge of 2011.

During July, any gift amount from any source made to the LCCF Good Samaritan Fund (unless specifically designated otherwise by the donor) will be set aside for a grant to the LaGrange Ministerial Association’s emergency highway assistance program. Typically, the highway assistance involves low-income families who are traveling through our county and have become stranded due to lack of funds to buy fuel for their automobile. The ministerial association program is often the only recourse for help that these folks have available to them. This resource is known to law enforcement, non-profits and churches throughout the county.  

Checks submitted to the LaGrange County Community Foundation during July and for this purpose must specify “Good Samaritan Fund” on the memo line. Cash donations must include a note specifying the Good Samaritan Fund. Donations collected at local churches during the final weekend of July will be accepted at LCCF for the match program into early August. All donations and the match amount will be granted in its entirety to the association at the close of the campaign.

Questions should be directed to LCCF Program Officer Loren Heinlen at (260) 463-4363.