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LCCF declares September to be Ministerial Association Month

The LaGrange County Community Foundation (LCCF) Board of Directors has declared September to be 2013 Ministerial Association Month. To celebrate and support the charitable efforts of local ministerial associations, any gift amount from any source made to the LCCF Good Samaritan Fund during September will be set aside for a matching grant to either the LaGrange Ministerial Association Emergency Transportation Program or the Shipshewana Ministerial Association Emergency Utility Bill Program.

The Topeka Ministerial Association has indicated that it presently has sufficient funds for its emergency food pantry efforts. Therefore, Topeka has chosen not to participate in this year’s matching opportunity.

LCCF has pledged to match all local gifts, dollar for dollar, up to an additional $2,000 per each ministerial association. For example, if local donors give $2,500 for the benefit of the LaGrange Ministerial Association, LCCF will match $2,000 and grant that ministerial association a total of $4,500. No administrative fee will be charged against any gift to the Good Samaritan Fund in September for this purpose.      

Checks submitted to the LCCF during September for this purpose must note “Good Samaritan Fund” on the memo line and then specify either “LaGrange” or “Shipshewana.” Gifts that do not specify one or the other ministerial association will be evenly distributed between both. Cash donations to the LCCF should be accompanied by a note with this same information.

Questions should be directed to LCCF Program Officer Loren Heinlen at (260) 463-4363.