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LC REMC receives AED from Parkview LaGrange


LaGrange County REMC was the recent recipient of an AED (automated external defibrillator) that will be carried on one of its trucks.

If someone is having a heart attack, the AED talks the rescuer – even a lay person – through each step of its use, providing the intervention needed to restart a person’s heart even before the ambulance arrives. The AED, along with training on its use supplied by LaGrange EMS staff, is a gift funded by Parkview LaGrange Hospital’s Community Health Improvement program.

“We really appreciate Parkview LaGrange’s gift,” said Mark Leu, CEO of LaGrange County REMC. “Though we sincerely hope it never needs to be used, it will be reassuring to know the AED is there on the truck with us, just in case.”