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Last call for LCCF Youth Development Intern


June 1 is the deadline for local full-time college students to apply for the position of Youth Development Intern at the LaGrange County Community Foundation (LCCF). The part-time position offers flexible hours, a private office and pays $12.50 per hour.

The position is presently held by LaGrange County resident Laney Kratz, a Trine University senior. Kratz will soon graduate from school, but will assist in selecting and training the new intern for his or her responsibilities. The work assignment will begin Aug. 27. Funding for the position comes from the Lilly Endowment.  

The primary responsibility for the intern will be to serve as the navigator (mentor and coordinator) for the LIFE youth philanthropy program. The 20-member LIFE group consists of young people in grades 8-12 from four LaGrange County schools. Four adult guides from the schools also support the group. The highly participative educational program focuses on individual and group development as applied to grantmaking and community service.

For more details about the position and to obtain an application, visit the LCCF website at or call 260-463-4363.