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Laker store has major ‘effect’ on students


Business is continuing to boom at the Laker Effect store at Lakeland High School as the second trimester of the Marketing and Accounting class comes to an end.

The store that started with a small loan now has more money than they’d ever hoped in their bank account. The regular stream of costumers in and out of the store has allowed them to pay off the loan that was due in April almost three months early and added almost $1,000 in extra revenue to the account.

According to the class’s teacher, Bob Albaugh, the store takes in an impressive $84 a day, which was double the initial estimate the class had hoped for.

Because of their extra efforts, the class can do what they never thought possible and donate back to the community. Two charities were chosen by the students out of the many they researched. The class has earned almost $5,000 in gross sales over the 14 weeks the store has been open and will donate the majority to those charities by the end of the year. The first of these donations is expected to occur by the end of February.

The students knew that the money they earned should directly benefit people in LaGrange County. After hearing presentations from several local charities, the students knew their top picks.

The class decided that two checks for $500 each will be given to the LaGrange County Animal Shelter and the Food and Clothes Basket of LaGrange.

“This class teaches more than management skills and skills for school. It adds self-worth. It shows them that giving back feels good,” commented Albaugh.

The class intends to make more donations as the successful store continues to grow. The ultimate goal will be to donate all but $500 of the final amount in the store’s bank account as funding for next year’s Laker Effect store.