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Lakeland schools update current calendar

Facing seven days of missed school since the first of the year, the Lakeland School Board approved a recommendation to alter the current calendar to make up those days and keep the school in compliance with the state.

The district will first apply for two waiver days for the January 6 and 7 closings, leaving five days to make up.

The board approved having students attend school this Wednesday, Feb. 5, which had been scheduled as a teacher professional development day. Students will also now come in on the previously scheduled winter break day of Monday, Feb. 17.

Classes will be held on Good Friday, April 18.

The district had several makeup days built into the calendar at the end of the year. Students will now attend on June 3 and 4.

The school noted in a letter to parents that the district could see more weather closings and will adjust the calendar as needed.

There are still several days of cushion before school closures would have an effect on the June 13 graduation date.