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Lakeland Middle School sending math team to competition


LakelandMiddle School is sending its math team to Huntington University’s Middle School Mathematics Competition on April 18 to face off against a host of other teams from Northeast Indiana.

The LHS team is made up of Cole Miller, Logan Mullet, Preston Gilts, Sierra Weaver, Jeremy Wensink, Brennen Weimer, Michaella Burchett and Celeste Wentworth.

The competition provides a way to foster interest in math and increase students’ expertise. The competition consists of three parts: a written exam, individual ciphering, and a team problem-solving event.

The written exam consists of 20 multiple choice questions with topics ranging from general arithmetic through algebra and geometry.

In the individual competition, each competitor is given a problem to solve without the aid of a calculator within two minutes. They only have one chance to turn in a solution.

Finally, the team tackles one problem together.