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Lakeland High School sending two academic teams to state

Lakeland High School is sending two different academic teams to the state competition at Purdue University on May 10.

Both the math and fine arts academic teams qualified for state, which will have the top five teams in each class size competing. This is the first time the school is sending two teams to state.

Six members make up the math team: Cole Miller, Christine Sanchez, Chris Lehman, Abi Thompson, Mateus Rogozinski and Nhien Truong.

During the competition, the teams have to get the answers to math problems that math coach Jim Dirig called “insanely difficult.” The questions are a mix of difficult algebra through calculus, he added.

“The questions are timed. They have up to 40 seconds per question and they collaborate to get the answer,” Dirig said. “The students have to study very hard to get here. They are extremely good in their field and extremely fast.”

Three students make up the fine arts team: Nathan Stroup, Anthony Bailey and Jennifer Mobley.

Coach Terry Gust noted that the fine arts competition is a mix of music and visual arts as students will examine artwork or listen to a piece of music before answering questions. Questions will revolve around artistic principles, along with who the artist is. Music questions will center on music theory.

As in the math competition, the fine art questions are timed during the competition as well.