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Lakeland golfers advance to State


Two Lakeland boys golfers earned trips to the 2012 IHSAA state finals tournament last Thursday morning by placing in the top three in the Homestead regional played at the Orchard Ridge Country Club on the south side of  Fort Wayne.

Junior Spencer Mortola overcame a triple-bogey to shoot a three-over par 74, tying him with East Noble’s Michael Sharp for the low round of the day. Mortola then birdied the first hole of a playoff to beat Sharp and claim regional medalist honors.

After bogeying his first two holes (No. 10 and 11), Mortola parred the final seven holes of the side to go out in two-over 37. His birdies on the par-four first, the par-four fourth and the par-three sixth helped the Laker limit the damage caused by his eight on the par-five seventh hole and finish the side in one-over 37.

According to Lakeland head coach Jon Roush, Mortola joins Tom Pechin as the only other Laker to win regional medalist honors. Pechin accomplished the feat in 2006 at Orchard Ridge when he defeated Plymouth’s Adam Lappin on the first hole of a playoff after both shot even-par 71. 

Lakeland teammate Cody Richardson fired a 75 to snag the third and final individual state finals slot. The senior carded a three-over par 38 on the back side, then played the front in one-over 37 with a birdie on the par-four first hole.

The Lakers fell just two shots short of advancing to the state finals as a squad, taking fourth place with a score of 325. Regional champion Warsaw (308), Fort Wayne Dwenger (322) and Northridge (323) finished ahead of Lakeland.

Junior Jordan Aldrich and freshman Isaac Kilgore each toured the Orchard Ridge layout in 88 strokes. Junior Zac Paxson had a 98.

Mortola and Richardson will start on the Road Nine Tuesday morning in the opening round of the state finals tournament at The Legends in Franklin. Mortola tees off at 7:48 a.m. and Richardson at 12 noon.

The top nine teams (and ties), teams within 12 strokes of the lead, the top nine individuals (and ties) not on an advancing team and individuals within four strokes of the lead after the first round will all advance to the second round to be played Wednesday.



Team Scoring

(Top three advance to state finals)

Warsaw 308; FW Dwenger 322; Northridge 323; Lakeland 325; DeKalb 326; Culver Academy 327; FW Canterbury 330; Carroll (Allen) 331; Triton 331; Homestead 335; Garrett 335; Elkhart Memorial 337

Warsaw (308)—Tyler Ostrum 39-36, 75; Jon Schram 41-36, 77; Tim Ahlersmeyer 40-37, 77; Bennett Hollar 39-40, 79; Jonny Hollar 44-37, 81

FW Dwenger (322)—Drake Eifert 42-42, 84; Jake Leonard 37-41, 78; Carter Eifert 41-37, 78; Spencer Gillig 41-41, 82; John Hope 43-42, 85

Northridge (323)—Logan McBride 44-39, 83; Rhett Holaway 38-39, 77; Will Erekson 44-40, 84; Tom Morrison 42-40, 82; Andrew Edlund 43-41, 84

Lakeland (325)—Spencer Mortola 37-37, 74; Cody Richardson 37-38, 75; Jordan Aldrich 40-48, 88; Isaac Kilgore 45-43, 88; Zac Paxson 45-53, 98

DeKalb (326)—Spencer Shoemaker 38-41, 79; Troy Chappell 42-37, 79; Anthony Filogamo 44-38, 82; Calvin George 47-47, 94; Quinten Johnson 45-41, 86

Culver Academy (327)—Davis Payne 40-44, 84; John Connelly 42-37, 79; Bailey Roubos 44-35, 79; Logan Joseph 44-41, 85; Ben Sharff 42-49, 91

FW Canterbury (330)—Patrick O’Reilly 39-43, 82; Austin West 41-38, 79; Benji Stroup 39-43, 82; Trevor Uhl 41-46, 87; Ethan Brinkman 47-40, 87

Carroll (331)—Oliver Gibson 44-34, 78; Chandler Rice 44-39, 83; Alec Ramsey 46-43, 89; Reid Worden 46-39, 85; Garrett Leeper 44-41, 85

Triton (331)—Quentyn Carpenter 40-38, 78; Ryan Rapp 43-44, 87; Tanner Shepherd 40-45, 85; Austin Kanarr 57-53, 110; Chandler Slone 46-35, 81

Homestead (335)—Gunnar Smith 41-37, 78; Kyle Davis 44-41, 85; Saurabh Sharma 42-41, 83; Grant Jagger 47-42, 89; Chris Eigner 47-43, 90

Garrett (335)—Bennett Rieke 36-40, 76; Karston Cooper 44-44, 88; Cameron Stockdale 45-41, 86; Zach Sarrazine 41-44, 85; Jake Stafford 52-45, 97

Elkhart Memorial (337)—Noah Strati 43-45, 88; Robert Sorg 52-45, 97; Frank Iavagnillo 41-41, 82; Drew Stutz 40-48, 88; Braden Sherwood 40-39, 79

Individual Players

Austin Corcimiglia (Fremont) 39-38, 77; Trent Elliott (Culver) 43-48, 91; Jeffrey Bradford (Elkhart Central) 44-42, 86; Alec Dutkowski (Elkhart Christian) 41-39, 80; Aaron Hohman (FW Northrop) 42-42, 84; Ryan Mayer (Churubusco) 45-43, 88; Robert Wray (FW Concordia) 48-43, 91; Michael Sharp (East Noble) 40-34, 74; Nate Kolter (Plymouth) 43-40, 83; John Ruff (Plymouth) 40-37, 77; Zach Hochstedler (Fairfield) 41-40, 81; Dan Wert (FW Concordia) 39-40, 79

Top 15 Finishers (and ties)

**Mortola (Lakeland)                 74

*Sharp (East Noble)                     74

*Richardson (Lakeland)             75

Ostrum (Warsaw)                                        75

Rieke (Garrett)                             76

Corcimiglia (Fremont)                 77

Ruff (Plymouth)                           77

Schram (Warsaw)                         77

Ahlersmeyer (Warsaw)               77

Holaway (Northridge)                 77

Carpenter (Triton)                        78

Smith (Homestead)                      78

Leonard (Dwenger)                      78

C. Eifert (Dwenger)                      78

Wert (Concordia)                                        79

Shoemaker (DeKalb)                   79

Chappell (DeKalb)                       79

Sherwood (Memorial)                 79

B. Hollar (Warsaw)                      79

Connelly (Culver Acad.)             79

Roubos (Culver Acad.)               79

West (Canterbury)                       79

**Won playoff for medalist honors

*Advances to state as individual




First Round (Tuesday, June 12)

Middle Nine (Tee #1)

7:30 a.m.—Nathan Pirtle (Sullivan), Johnny Gulley (Plainfield), Michael Sharp (East Noble)

7:39 a.m.—Evan Embry (Henryville), Dylan Meyer (Evans. Central), Rylan Porter (Plainfield)

7:48 a.m.—Zach Seeler (Marion), Jordan Griffith (Madison), Clayton French (Linton-Stockton)

7:57 a.m.—Austin Brooks (Penn), Peter Ciravolo (Carmel), Elliott Happel (Providence)

8:06 a.m.—Caelen Rohan (Penn), Jon Hicks (Carmel), Robert Walz (Providence)

8:15 a.m.—Richard Jung (Penn), Jake Brown (Carmel), Mitchell Alexander (Providence)

8:24 a.m.—James Schwartz (Penn), Brady Sharkey (Carmel), Cory Cahalan (Providence)

8:33 a.m.—Grant Spiritoso (Penn), Andrew Havill (Carmel), Bryce Very (Providence)

8:42 a.m.—Jake Weiss (W. Lafayette), Alexander Stopczynski (Mish. Marian), Colton Smith (Westfield)

8:51 a.m.—Adam Folta (W. Lafayette), Alexander Disberry (Mish. Marian), Ben Resler (Westfield)

9:00 a.m.—Gaurav Mittal (W. Lafayette), John Rozycki (Mish. Marian), Keith Ponsler (Westfield)

9:09 a.m.—Rett Berry (W. Lafayette), Connor Isban (Mish. Marian), David Hildebrand (Westfield)

9:18 a.m.—Sean Busch (W. Lafayette), Michael Makris (Mish. Marian), Timmy Hildenbrand (Westfield)

12 noon—Jonny Hollar (Warsaw), Clark Mattison (Zionsville), Patrick Andrie (Valparaiso)

12:09 p.m.—Bennett Hollar (Warsaw), Will Dixon (Zionsville), Andrew Gariup (Valparaiso)

12:18 p.m.—Tim Ahlersmeyer (Warsaw), Trent Pancake (Zionsville), Logan Bertalan (Valparaiso)

12:27 p.m.—Jon Schram (Warsaw), Clark Tiller (Zionsville), Bobby Jacobs (Valparaiso)

12:36 p.m.—Tyler Ostrum (Warsaw), Adam Wood (Zionsville), Kyle Meihofer (Valparaiso)

12:45 p.m.—Josh Keating (Noblesville), Tannerr Bennett (Columbus North), Cam Weyer (Jasper)

12:54 p.m.—Chase Kluth (Noblesville), John Arthur (Columbus North), Michael Bies (Jasper)

1:03 p.m.—Spencer King (Noblesville), Jacob Coffey (Columbus North), Dru Hein (Jasper)

1:12 p.m.—Sam Hardwick (Noblesville), Michael Vandeventer (Columbus North), Ian Weyer (Jasper)

1:21 p.m.—Jackson Wright (Noblesville), Christian Fairbanks (Columbus North), Will Seger (Jasper)

Road Nine (Tee #10)

7:30 a.m.—Mike Bareni (Lake Central), Chase Wagner (Bedford-N.L.)

7:39 a.m.—Cody Johnson (Laf. Harrison), Zach Gurtner (LaVille), Jordan Sweet (Huntington North)

7:48 a.m.—Spencer Mortola (Lakeland), Zach Schroeder (Lebanon), Joel Collins (LaPorte)

7:57 a.m.—Connor Perius (Indpls. Cathedral), Andrew Edlund (Northridge), Seth Grimme (Tipton)

8:06 a.m.—Chris Murray (Indpls. Cathedral), Tom Morrison (Northridge), Tanner Maxey (Tipton)

8:15 a.m.—Ryan Ward (Indpls. Cathedral), Will Erekson (Northridge), Blake Hoover (Tipton)

8:24 a.m.—Andrew Derringer (Indpls. Cathedral), Rhett Holaway (Northridge), Keegan Gray (Tipton)

8:33 a.m.—Jon Williams (Indpls. Cathedral), Logan McBride (Northridge), Mike Crawford (Tipton)

8:42 a.m.—Sam Collins (Heritage Hills), Clayton Winders (Martinsville), John Hope (FW Dwenger)

8:51 a.m.—Preston Van Winkle (Heritage Hills), Carson Brinkley (Martinsville), Spencer Gillig (FW Dwenger)

9:00 a.m.—Cody Van Winkle (Heritage Hills), Baylor Payne (Martinsville), Drake Eifert (FW Dwenger)

9:09 a.m.—Travis Waininger (Heritage Hills), Nick English (Martinsville), Carter Eifert (FW Dwenger)

9:18 a.m.—Nick Teaford (Heritage Hills), Logan Barker (Martinsville), Jake Leonard (FW Dwenger)

12 noon—Dylan Winder (Perry Meridian), Cody Richardson (Lakeland), Anthony Zachman (Rossville)

12:09 p.m.—Chase Ellsworth (Bellmont), Jason Woolums (New Castle)

12:18 p.m.—Jay Holderman (Floyd Central), Mitchell Baker (Evans. Harrison), Andrew Terrell (Indpls. Brebeuf)

12:27 p.m.—James Peckham (Floyd Central), Tanner Mandel (Evans. Harrison), Dawson Robinson (Indpls. Brebeuf)

12:36 p.m.—Jack Sparrow (Floyd Central), Jordan Wildt (Evans. Harrison), Will Tenbarge (Indpls. Brebeuf)

12:45 p.m.—Devin Jenkins (Floyd Central), Sean Stone (Evans. Harrison), Max Gagnier (Indpls. Brebeuf)

12:54 p.m.—Daniel Shepherd (Floyd Central), Alex Turner (Evans. Harrison), Wilson Pahud (Indpls. Brebeuf)