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Lakeland FFA competes in Wildlife competition

On September 28th Lakeland FFA traveled to Purdue University where they competed in the State Wildlife competition where over 30 teams competed. The contest consisted of 3 different sections; 1 as a group and 2 individual.

First individual section members had to identify the needed wildlife management practices for given species in a particular area. Second individual section members were to be able to identify different species by looking at the whole animal, body part of the animal, or an immature animal; along with questions that refer to habitat requirements. The group portion of the contest members worked as a team to develop a wildlife management plan for an area for a given set of species. The team has to develop a written plan and map that tells and shows how and where the practices will be, and then develop an evaluation plan to determine if the practices are working.

Lakeland FFA teams coached by Katie Allen brought home 12th and 27th. The team of Morgan Moore, Austin Nelson, Carly Ferguson, and Karlan Troyer brought home 12th place, and team of Logan Ott, Nick Albert, and Mathew Jennings brought home 27th