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Lakeland FFA attends National FFA convention

The 86th National FFA Convention went back to Louisville, Kentucky this year. It has been 7 years since it has been there, and at that point in time they were 52,000 people registered to attend. This past week that number was 62,000 registered to attend. Of that 62,000 were seven Lakeland FFA members.

The Lakeland FFA left October 29 for their 4 day trip. They were involved in assisting with the National Agriculture Sales contest where a team from each of the 50 states was there to compete. They organized papers, tables, and then directed/organized competing members to the one on one part of the competition.

Thursday members had the chance to go spelunking. Spelunking is cave exploring. Lakeland members did two walking tours of the Marengo Caves and then got to put the hard hat on and flashlight and crawled through the caves, and in some spots were up to their waist in water.

Friday members were at the 7th general session where they were moved by video introduction that pushed this year’s theme, Ignite. Josh Sundquist then took the stage and the members were entertained by Josh’s random humor, and his motto of “1MT1MT,” one more thing, one more time. He told stories of his child and expressed greatly that “Question is not how will you fall, but how quickly will you get back up.”

The Lakeland FFA members had the chance to explore the Career Show that consisted of almost every college in the United States along with Agribusinesses ranging from Case IH, John Deere, Campbell’s, Krafts Food, Lucas Oil, and many more. Not only did the members have the chance to explore the Career Show, but to attend different leadership workshops that talk about different things such as communication tactics, cooperation in competitions, interviewing tactics, and more.

The Lakeland FFA members did have the chance to wonder to downtown Louisville where they got to experience the Louisville Slugger Museum, and see how bats are manufactured. They finished off the week attending a FFA dance with 6,000 other FFA members.