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Lakeland Construction Trades house nearing completion

A few appliances have yet to be connected and hooked into place. A few pieces of trim to install here and there.

But otherwise, the 2013-2014 project house built by Lakeland High School Construction Trades students is ready to go.

The house, located at 4570S 50W, will be open from 1-5 p.m. on June 8 for the public to see the students’ handiwork.

The house was built for Kenn and Sherrie Davis and their two children. The house was designed by Sherrie, instructor Steve Sherck and former Lakeland student Nate Berkey. “I drew it out on craft paper first and then took it to the drafting class,” Davis noted.

From there, the design was worked out into construction plans. “I had it in my mind what I wanted, but it was still harder than I thought,” Davis said of the design process.

The family had been looking to partner with the construction trades class for a few years, Kenn said, after Sherck, who they attend church with, put the idea in their heads. “We had to look for land and it took awhile to get that,” Kenn said.

But they found a great spot. “One thing that makes it great is its location,” Sherck said. “It’s a corner lot but it’s very peaceful.”

The house itself is very open, with a fully finished walkout basement. Upstairs is a wide-open kitchen/family room, with a cozy office off to the side. The walls sport different colors throughout. The house also features a lot of hardwood and laminate flooring. There is also some great stonework with the kitchen island and fireplaces that stand out.

The house is also built to be extremely energy efficient throughout.

“The homeowner is the contractor,” Sherck said. “We’re the builders. They’re responsible for picking out all of the details.”

The class, in turn, builds its own classroom.

Brandon Weaver is a senior who took construction trades for the second year. During his junior year, it was a great class that he enjoyed. But his senior year, it became more than that. “It’s a good opportunity to make a career of it,” Weaver stated. He was recently named “Most Likely to be Hired” by contractors in the region. Although he learned a lot his first year, he admitted to “paying attention more to the details” this year because of his career choice.

He plans to go to work in electrical for J.O. Mory.

Junior Kaitlyn Echterling is completing her first year with the class, and is already looking forward to being in the class next year. She got interested by helping her brother, who was a former construction trades student, refurbish and resell homes. “It’s a lot of fun, but a big change from what I’m used to doing,” she said.

She admits that drywalling was her favorite part of the project, as it goes up fast and you can see the results as you go.


“I think it will help me in the future working on other houses,” Echterling added.

“The homeowner made the job really easy,” Sherck noted. “They stayed ahead on their part with materials and they were always asking what they can do to help.”

Currently, Lakeland Construction Trades has a house lined up for 2014-2015, but continues to look ahead for future homes. Those interested in being part of this unique educational opportunity can contact Sherck at 499-2470.