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Lakeland board examines high school-college ratios


The Lakeland School Board received a report on the ratio of LHS graduates who go on to colleges, as well as data on those students that remain in college after their freshmen year.

Lakeland Superintendent Risa Herber presented the board with the data compiled that showed that overall, Lakeland is seeing around 47 percent of its graduates going on to college straight out of high school. That number goes up to 53 percent when looking at graduates who start college within a year of graduating high school.

The goal, Herber told the board, is to have 60 percent of students in the northeast region continuing on to college, either in two- or four-year programs.

Those that do go to college tend to stay in college, though, with 86 percent of those that go on to college continued past two years.

Herber told the board that she feels there are still not enough students pursuing college after high school. “We need to get more kids going,” she told the board.

In other business:

The board approved a bid for resurfacing the high school tennis courts. The board decided to move the courts 20 ft. to the south. The change lowered the cost by $2,300, for a low bid of $216,860.

The board approved driver’s education instructors and a fee of $275 for 2012.