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LaGrange Town Council reviews nuisance enforcement


Members of the LaGrange Town Council reviewed their options with nuisance enforcement at Monday evening’s meeting. Code Enforcement Officer Jason Boggs was present to answer questions from the town board members.

Mark Eagleson, president of the board, addressed Boggs: “At first, you brought things to us. Now it seems we need to contact you with issues, then you take care of them. We are looking at whether or not we should reconsider, and possibly get more bang for our buck if we use those dollars in our own LaGrange Police Department.”

Boggs responded that he tries to keep some balance in his caseload between the towns and the county. Boggs presented a map with locations of nuisance spots marked showing where he has initiated efforts to have changes made in properties.

No action was taken by the board on this issue. The LaGrange Town Marshal asked that an executive session be held to discuss personnel issues. However, no date was set.

Focus LaGrange was given permission to decorate the downtown for the fall season. A decision was made to include the installation of plumbing for a restroom at the new parking lot location. “We may not have sufficient funds to complete this project, but it makes sense to include the underground work before we surface the lot,” said one member.

There was some discussion on the condition of sidewalks in the town. Sidewalks were last generally repaired in 1992. It was pointed out that the town does have an ordinance in place that allows for the repair or construction of sidewalks with the property owner given up to three years to pay.

Some instances of vandalism were reported. “Any person caught defacing public property will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” said Town Attorney Bill Eberhard.

Town board members will meet in executive session at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 24, to interview the three candidates for LaGrange, Bloomfield and Clay Township Fire Chief. Current Chief Matt Huffman is not a candidate for reappointment to the four-year position.