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LaGrange resident caught with controlled substance


On Oct. 22, the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department received a report of a suspected intoxicated driver. The suspect vehicle was a black Pontiac that was northbound on SR 9 in the area of CR 450S. It was reported that the vehicle crossed the center of the road numerous times and nearly struck a southbound vehicle. The vehicle was stopped by officers on CR 75N near Lakeland Middle School.

When contact was made with the driver, Dakotah Baldridge, 20, of CR 150E, the strong odor of burnt marijuana was detected. Baldridge was given a preliminary breath test for alcohol and tested negative. A LaGrange Police K-9 was requested and the K-9 alerted to the presence of a controlled substance in the vehicle.

According to the police report, a vehicle search located a smoking device that smelled of burnt marijuana, but no marijuana was located in the vehicle. Baldridge then produced a clear plastic sandwich bag containing suspected marijuana, then admitted that the item was marijuana and provided a weight for it. He was then taken to Parkview LaGrange Hospital for a blood and urine test.

He was arrested for possession of marijuana and operating while intoxicated with controlled substance.