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LaGrange Radio Shack closing its doors

After 30 years in downtown LaGrange, the Radio Shack will be closing its doors the first of June.

Phil “Yogi” Miller noted that “It’s a changing of the times.” The recent recession was a struggle for a lot of small town businesses, and business has not come back.

Only the Radio Shack and the Verizon stores will be closing as Miller plans to continue Independent Phone. “All of our outside service work is going well and will stay. I don’t need a storefront for that,” Miller said.

Miller has had the Radio Shack franchise for sale for some time – and is still willing to sell it – but was unable to find a buyer. “A potential buyer could make it work,” he said. “If they have good business sense and come in and rework it, they’ve got a chance.”

When Radio Shack Corporation announced it was closing stores, selling the local franchise became more difficult. Miller pointed out that the announcement applied to company-owned stores, not independent ones like his.

Miller plans to close up by June 1 and will be marking remaining items down, increasing the percentage off each week, as well as selling stock to other Radio Shacks.

Miller feels this is a good time to leave this area of his business. “It started on a whim. And now it’s the end of an era,” Miller said. “It was a good run.”