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LaGrange names new fire chief


Three members of the LaGrange Town Board named a new fire chief for the Town of LaGrange, Clay and Bloomfield Fire Department at Monday’s meeting. Mark McClish, a former chief, was again named to the position.

Matt Huffman, who has been the chief for the last four years, did not apply for the position. He is planning to spend more time with his family. Hoffman reported to the board that he is planning pump certification and ladder testing for the department’s vehicles later this fall. He will also be taking bids on a generator for Pumper 12.

McClish was named to a four-year term subject to an annual review.

Town Marshall Richard Snyder discussed a problem with solicitors that has resurfaced. “People are coming into town, making efforts to sell products and services to residents, and obtaining personal information,” he said. Board Member Greg Kenner noted that, “townspeople are trusting and expect us (the town board) to protect them. I’d like to see Attorney Eberhard look into an ordinance to let us protect the public.”

Board member Ray Hoover replied, “We can’t legislate everything. People need to be smart about who they give personal information.” No action was taken.

Snyder also asked for at least an hour of time with the board in an executive session to discuss personnel. There are currently four officers on the town’s police force and there has been discussion about some of the officers “working too many hours.”

The special session was set for Thursday, Oct. 18, at 6:30 p.m.

Knowing that the bucket on the town’s bucket truck is “unsafe,” the council voted to accept a scrap bid rather than sell the vehicle. One bid is in hand and Street Department Superintendent Dean Weir was instructed to seek other bids as well.

A short discussion was held regarding sidewalks. It was noted that sidewalks are needed that will extend to schools and that will tie into the walking path at the hospital. The board will be working to establish specifications for the different sidewalks and determine the width as well as whether or not the material used should be cement or asphalt.

Terry Paulus, who served as interim street department superintendent this summer, was awarded a stipend of $500 for his efforts. This was voted down at the last meeting of the board.

The town board also voted to replace some of the street decorations for the uptown area this year.

The next regular meeting of the LaGrange Town Board will be on Monday, Oct. 15.