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LaGrange Farmers Market grant to be submitted

A $62,855 grant to support the LaGrange Farmers Market will be submitted Friday. The Town of LaGrange will be the governmental agency making the application. Details are being handled by Kristine Christlieb of the Region III-A regional development agency.

The grant provides for two years of funding for promotion and the rental of portable washrooms and restrooms. Included in the promotion budget are funds for billboards, radio station commercials and local newspaper advertising.

The local farmers market has been moved from the county owned property on West Spring Street into the streets of LaGrange following some differences of opinion in operating procedures. With vendors present both Tuesday and Saturday, the market seems to be growing every week.

This week, Spring Street has been closed from High Street to Mountain Street. The town authorized the closing of High Street from Spring Street to Lafayette Street should there be a need for more vendor space.