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LaGrange County voting: Unequal access?

 Numbers released by the Center for American Progress show that LaGrange County ranks at the very bottom of voter access of the 78 Indiana counties analyzed.

That may sound bad, but LaGrange County Clerk Bonnie Brown notes that the numbers alone don’t show the true story. “It’s not comparing apples to apples,” Brown noted. “It doesn’t look at what our population consists of.”

The ranking is based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, according to the report issued. Based on the numbers alone, LaGrange County has a voter turnout of 39.4 percent, with voter registration of 65.8 percent, both at the bottom of the counties analyzed.

Both of those look at the percentages based on total population of those eligible to vote. The center’s report noted that it used statistics to rank which counties were the worst performers in voting access and experience.

The numbers do not appear to take in consideration the portion of the county population that does not participate in elections at their own discretion.