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LaGrange County sees good turnout at the polls

LaGrange County voters had a reason to get out and make their votes count Tuesday and did so, with over 25 percent of registered voters turning out for the May 6 Primary.

A total of 4,115 votes were cast throughout the 16 precincts.

LaGrange County Clerk Bonnie Brown said that things went well during the day. More people were using the touchscreen voting machines, she said. “Those are easier for the workers to close out. We are encouraging more to use them.”

Brown said that they are looking to simplify closing out the polling places in the future to make that process easier for the poll workers and for getting results quicker.

The county is also in need of more poll workers. “It’s hard to get poll workers,” Brown said. “It’s a long day and they work hard.” But they are an essential part of the voting process. Those interested in becoming a poll worker can contact Brown at 499-6368.

“I really want to thank all the people who assisted in the election,” Brown said. “The poll workers, IT, the clerk’s office employees. I owe them a huge thank you.”