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LaGrange County REMC participates in POWER MOVES program

LaGrange County REMC, in partnership with Wabash Valley Power, their wholesale power supplier, participates in POWER MOVES, a program designed to offer electric cooperative members information on energy efficiency incentives and programs for lowering energy use and improving efficiency.

POWER MOVES allows its users to progress toward a more energy-efficient home and/or business.

Through its Appliance Recycling Program, participating residential cooperative members are able to recycle old refrigerators and stand-alone freezers with the assistance of JACO Environmental. Workers are sent to the homes of requesting members not only to remove each item for free, but to offer $35 for the old appliances. More than 95 percent of each appliance is recycled and all hazardous materials are disposed of through measures approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

For members looking to improve the efficiency of their homes, POWER MOVES offers members rebates on heat pump water heaters and heating/cooling systems, as well as on the construction of new homes through the Touchstone Energy Home program. Homes built to this standard are normally 50 percent more efficient than a code-built home. Members curious to learn their home’s current energy use can contact LaGrange County REMC’s Energy Specialist to schedule a free home energy assessment.

POWER MOVES also offers programs to commercial and industrial members for energy efficient improvements.

Measures rebated include installation of compact fluorescent lamps, ceramic metal halide lamps, lighting occupancy sensors, linear fluorescents, signs and signals and LEDs, installation of air cooled unitary packed AC and split systems, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, packaged terminal heat pumps and various other items. Incentive applications can be viewed at

Not all energy-saving upgrades fit neatly into a category but that doesn’t mean rebates and incentives aren’t available. Noble REMC members can use the POWER MOVES custom program for energy-saving projects that don’t fit into the prescriptive lighting, HVAC, schools or farming programs.

A new commercial or industrial building is an opportunity to make a real difference to the bottom line and the community. POWER MOVES now offers rebates for energy-efficient equipment including rebates for lighting, HVAC, refrigeration and building design to those participating in the Business New Construction program.









“The POWER MOVES programs have served not only as a means to create more energy efficient homes or businesses right now,” said Member Services Manager Sherryl Rhinesmith, “but as a learning source and informational guideline to promote continual savings for the future.”         

Maintaining an energy efficient home or business reaps benefits not only to the environment and local community, but to participants because the average amount of money spent on energy consumption each month is greatly reduced.

To learn more information about POWER MOVES, visit or