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LaGrange County to join with Steuben for community corrections

LaGrange County Commissioners voted Monday morning to enter into an interlocal agreement with Steuben County for a joint community corrections program. Bret Hayes, director of the Steuben County Community Corrections Department made the formal presentation.

LaGrange County also approved accepting the Steuben County Board of Community Corrections to act for LaGrange County.

It is anticipated that the Steuben County Commissioners will also approve the companion enabling resolutions at their Monday meeting. Community corrections are being enacted across Indiana as the result of legislation passed this year by the Indiana Legislature. It basically provides for fewer offenders to be sent to the Indiana Department of Corrections.

Michael Strawser, representing the LaGrange County Human Resources Committee, asked commissioners to consider adopting a no smoking policy on county-owned property. The HR committee also requested the county consider the use of time clocks by office holders and department heads.

Commissioners took the requests under advisement.

A proposed amendment to the contract with DLZ Engineering, the firm overseeing the construction of a water line from CR 200N to the Fillmore property, approximately one mile north along SR 9, was approved. The amendment calls for a fee not to exceed $11,700 to secure nine easements from property owners along the proposed route.

Beers and Slabaugh of Nappanee is the apparent low bidder on the project at a cost slightly under the $420,000 engineering estimate.

The need for rights-of-way became apparent when the Indiana Department of Highway suggested that the county might wish to reconsider their request to run the water line in state right-of-way. INDOT reminded local officials that in the event that SR 9 is widened to accommodate another lane of traffic, it would be the responsibility of the utility owner to move their property from the right-of-way.

The road expansion is on the state highway long-term plan of work. Long-term is most often defined as more than five years.

Commissioners considered a request to sell a piece of county-owned property containing about 0.615 acres with an address of 6180N 325E. Commissioners unanimously approved a minimum bid for the property at $5,000. County Attorney Kurt Bachman was directed to prepare a formal resolution for the commissioners to consider at their Nov. 4 meeting. Anyone can bid on the property.








Information Technology (IT) Director Bob Murphy was authorized by commissioners to put in place a procedure to cut off internet access to anyone that is not using the internet according to county policy. He noted that the streaming of some information has caused issues by taking up too much bandwidth.