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LaGrange County Investment Fund awards grant to Cruiser RV

The LaGrange County Economic Development Corporation (LCEDC) has announced the award of a grant from the LaGrange County Investment Fund (LCIF) to Cruiser RV, LLC. The company announced in September of last year that it was expanding operations with the lease of a 140,000 sq. ft. facility in the Town of LaGrange. The project is expected to result in the creation of up to 200 new jobs at Cruiser RV by 2014, and will include approximately $850,000 in new investment in the community.

“We are thankful for the assistance from the LCEDC and the LaGrange County Investment Fund,” said Jeff Fought, vice president of Cruiser RV. “The building was in need of some cleanup and repairs, and the assistance from the LCIF helped us get those done and allow us to expand into the building.”

“We are happy to help a local company like Cruiser RV expand their operations in our community,” said Ken Mishler, chair of the LCIF Board. “This grant helped Cruiser RV create a large investment into LaGrange County and underscores the need for a tool like the LCIF.”

The LCIF was set up by the LCEDC with assistance from the LaGrange County Commissioners and LaGrange County Council in late 2009 as a fund to help give LaGrange County a competitive edge for projects that would create jobs, add to the tax base, and have a large positive economic impact on the community. While the fund has been utilized in the past for business development efforts, this represents the largest job creation project to date.

“Making LaGrange County attractive for business investment is the main goal of the LCEDC and the LCIF. We are thankful to the LaGrange County Commissioners and council for giving us the ability to provide an investment incentive such as this to our customers to help them bring growth to our community,” said Mark Leu, president-elect of the LCEDC. “Their foresight in helping the LCEDC create this fund continues to pay dividends for our economic development efforts.”

"Cruiser RV, LLC has been a great partner in LaGrange County, and we're excited that they have continued to grow in our community," said Keith Gillenwater, executive director of the LaGrange County Economic Development Corporation. “Being able to retain and grow a local business like Cruiser RV in our community is a great win for all of us.