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LaGrange County Habitat for Humanity Auction brings in over $53,000


Do you know what a microwave potato baker is? It resembles a folded potholder and it helps microwave potatoes retain their moisture. It was a hot item at the LaGrange County Habitat for Humanity Auction this year. Several hundred were sold with a starting price of $11.

That’s the beauty of this community-wide event. Area businesses and individuals donate goods. Patrons attend the auction and purchase items. Both donators and patrons support the mission of the local organization.

“I think that this year’s auction went very well,” reported Executive Director Mont Arnold. “I was shocked that the buggy went so high, and we saw an increase in furniture and quilt bids as well. Overall receipts were $53,900.”

Generally, bids were up this year compared to last. This year’s highest quilt price was $825 for the Lone Star Autumn Quilt. The queen buggy sold for $6,000. Meal donations matched those of 2011, and the crowd was estimated at about 1,000 people.

Mel Miller Jr., a member of the board of directors, canvassed the community for donations for the buggy. “Twenty-three shops contributed either components or money to help build this vehicle,” according to Miller. “The Lord really brought this project together.” The buggy included all the “bells and whistles” and its final bid exceeded those of buggy sales in previous years.

 “I wish to extend a big thank you to the auction committee, donors, Trading Place America, sponsors, and all the volunteers that made this year’s auction possible,” Arnold concluded.

And, of course, a big thanks to all those buyers. Thanks to the hottest item on the auction block, baked potatoes are on the menu in area kitchens this week. And another LaGrange County family in need can partner to build a simple decent home.