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LaGrange County Farm Bureau helps out with Food Check-Out Week


The LaGrange County Farm Bureau surprised a handful of shoppers recently at Miller’s Super Valu by presenting them with $25 gift cards. Farm Bureau was celebrating “Food Check-Out Week,” an effort to help show shoppers how to stretch their grocery money and still eat nutritious meals.

Working with a registered dietician, Farm Bureau developed Food Check-Out educational materials to help consumers with tips for better nutrition on a tight budget, understanding food labels, and more. Farm Bureau noted that knowing your food budget, planning balanced meals, making a list, and shopping at competitively priced stores that carry high-quality products are some strategies to have nutritious meals with less money.

Farm Bureau recommends making a list and sticking to it, and not buying something unless it will be eaten. Farm Bureau suggests comparing prices for different brands and sizes using cost-per-unit shelf stickers.

Public health experts are worried that people will resort to high-calorie foods, but Farm Bureau notes that doesn’t have to happen with smart nutrition and budget knowledge.