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LaGrange County family wins $100,000


A LaGrange County family received a windfall in the form of a Hoosier Lottery prize. 

Tonya Wells of Howe presented a Casino Cash OutScratch-off worth $100,000 to Hoosier Lottery officials in Indianapolis on Aug. 1. Wells was accompanied by her husband, Joe, and their two children, Taylor and Mark.

Wells purchased her winning ticket at Family Pantry, 5450 N. SR 9 in Howe.  The Wells family moved to Howe from Michigan a year ago to take advantage of the school system in LaGrange County.

Wells works as a customer service representative. She has very sensible plans for her winnings – she hopes to pay off their automobiles and student loans.

"It's a huge relief," she said.

Wells' two sons have also each made requests, which it turns out, are just as sensible as their parents' plans for the money.

"They want remote control cars," Wells said.

The mission of the Hoosier Lottery is to return the maximum net income to the state in a socially-responsible manner. In fiscal year 2011, the Hoosier Lottery generated $188 million in net income which was used to significantly reduce the motor vehicle excise tax for all Hoosier drivers and also supported the pension funds for retired Indiana teachers, police and firefighters. Player prizes for the fiscal year totaled $495 million and $56 million was earned by Indiana retailers on the sale of Hoosier Lottery products.

Since its inception in 1989, the Hoosier Lottery has produced more than $4 billion in net income for the citizens of Indiana, nearly $1 billion in commissions and bonuses for participating Indiana retailers, and has paid out more than $8.7 billion in player prizes.

The Hoosier Lottery reminds all players to play responsibly.