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LaGrange County 4-Hers place at state fair

The following participants in LaGrange County 4-H recently placed at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis:

    Electric– Kyle Barroquillo, III-Extension Cord, Trouble Light or Poster/Display, Blue; Keaton Fleeman, I-Circuit Board-1, Red; Kegan Watson, IV-One Article, made or remade lamp, display board, poster, Red.

    Foods (Baked or Displays) – Evan Brown, Cookies, Merit; Riley Lewis, International, Red; Rene Lewis, Invented Snack, Merit; Erin Miller, Pie, Red; Madalyn Newby, No-Yeast Pretzels or Biscuits, Red; Rachel Yost, Breadsticks or Yeast Rolls, Merit; Lillian Zolman, Cake, Red.

    Cat Posters – Kaitlyn Burton, Poster-Level 1 Grades 3-5, Blue; Madison Burton, Poster-Level 2 Grades 6-8, Red.

    Sewing – Madison Burton, Wearable: Dress Up, White; Erin Frain, Wearable: Two garments worn together, Blue; Erin Frain, Non-Wearable: Sham with Buttons, Zipper, Ruffle, Red; Mary Hostetler, Wearable: Shorts, pants, sewn on waistband, Red; Hannah Stoy, Wearable: Shirt, sundress, jumper, pajamas, Red.

    Cake Decorating – Hailey Cramer, Intermediate, Red.

    Dog Posters – Rilla Detweiler, Poster-Level 2 Grades 6-8, Blue; Samantha Scigouski, Poster Level 1 Grades 3-5, Merit; Chandra Slone, Poster Level 3 Grades 9-12, Blue.

    Photography – Rilla Detweiler, Color Salon Print-Level 2, Red; Elizabeth German, Photography is Fun, Level 2-3, Blue; Elizabeth German, Color Prints-Adventures in Color Level 2-4, Blue; Lexis Giggy, B&W Salon Print Level 2, Red; Monali Grossman, B&W Prints Level 3, Blue; Monali Grossman, Color Prints Level 3, Blue; Karey Haney, B&W Salon Pring Level 3, Blue; Mary Hostetler, Colore Prints-Experiences in Color Level 1 Blue; Andrea Ledgerwood, Color Salon Print Level 3, Blue; Samantha Scigouski, B&W Prints-Capturing Memories Level 1, Merit.

    Crafts – Kyle Fennell, Model Craft, Red; Colton Fleeman, Model Craft, Green; Evan Gilliland, Fine Arts, Blue; Isabelle Helmuth, Any Other Craft, Red; Robert Lawson, Any Other Craft, Blue; Rene Lewis, Any Other Craft, Merit; Haley McGregor, Needlecraft, Merit; Autumn Southwell, Fine Arts, Blue; Sierra Wallace, Needlecraft, Blue; Allison Young, Any Other Craft, Blue.

    Foods (Preserved Items) – Colton Fleeman, Frozen Cookies, Red; Keaton Fleeman, Frozen Vegetable, Green; Aubree Hall, Frozen Berries, Red; John Kelly, Frozen Pizza, Blue; Robert Lawson, Frozen Entrée, Red; Rene Lewis, Canned Pickle Product, Blue; Erin Miller, Canned Vegetable, Meat or Combination, Merit.

    Shooting Sports Education – Colton Fleeman, Grade 3-5-Poster, Red; Keaton Fleeman, Grade 6-8-Poster, Notebook, Display, Red.


    Aerospace – Carter Giggy, Rocket, Grade 6-8, Blue; Matt Turner, Rocket Grades 3-5, Blue; Zachery Turner, Poster or Display Board Grades 9-12, Blue.

    Floriculture – Monali Grossman, Level D Poster/Notebook-Origins of Flowers, Merit; Autumn Southwell, Level D Dried, Artificial Seasonal Arrangement, Blue.

    Health – Monali Grossman, Level C-Poster Grades 9-12, Merit.

    Computer – Wyatt Hanaway, Level 1 Grades 3-5, Merit.

    Veterinary Science – Kathryn Jennings, Poster Grades 6-8, Blue; Riley Lewis, Grades 9-12: Teaching aid, project, outline, Blue; Aliyah Myers, Poster Grades 3-5, Blue.

    Entomology – Amelia Johnston, Collection Grade 4, Blue; Lydia Johnston, Collection Grade 7, Blue.

    Geology – Andrea Ledgerwood, Level 3 Grade 9-12, Blue.

    Soil and Water Conservation – Andrea Ledgerwood, Level C Grade 7-9, Merit.

    Sportfishing – Andrea Ledgerwood, Poster Grade 9-12, Merit; Kennedy Myers, Poster Grade 3-5, Blue; Reece Ream, Poster Grades 6-8, Blue.

    Home Environment – Rene Lewis, Furniture Level 3-3-5 Similar Items, Red.

    Weather – Kennedy Myers, Poster-Experiment with Weather Makers, Red; Beth Stroop, Poster-Weather Instruments, Blue.

    Wildlife – Kennedy Myers, Poster or Notebook Grade 4, Blue; Samantha Scigouski, Poster or Notebook Grade 5-6, Blue.

    Child Development – Sydney Rathburn, Level C Grades 7-9, Blue.

    Consumer Clothing – Sydney Rathburn, Intermediate Notebook, Merit; Allison Young, Advance Notebook, Red.

    Personality – Sydney Rathburn, Poster, Brochure, Resource Guide Level C Grades 7-9, Blue.

    Forestry – Samantha Scigouski, Level 1 Grades 3-5, Blue.

    Single Vegetables – Samantha Scigouski, Tomatoes, small preserving varieties, Blue.

    Child Development – Hannah Weaver, Level D Grades 10-12, Blue.

    Genealogy – Hannah Weaver, Division III-Notebook(s), Blue.

    Woodworking – Abigail Weaver, Wood Project Grades 3-4, Blue; Caleb Weaver, Wood Project Grades 5-6, Blue.