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Knowledge to Grow by Gail Daniels - Do's and Dont's


Here are some simple spring gardening tips.

Sedum – To avoid “leggy, droopy” plants, trim to 1½” to 2” until about the end of July.

Mums – Trim until mid-July to avoid droopy, separated plants when they bloom.

Perennials – Cut back after blooming for a second blooming. Deadhead to prolong flowering season

Daffodils and Tulips – Some people do move them after blooming, not waiting until fall when it is difficult to find them.

Planting flower garden – Make a diagram of sun-shade, color, blooming time, plant in groups, not line up like soldiers, etc. Make a diagram for overplanting with daffodils, tulips among hostas, and other perennials.

Mulch – Use several thicknesses of newspaper, wetting it so it doesn’t blow away and sprinkle/cover with mulch or soil. Use cardboard in-between rows, all breaks down.

Mulching around trees – Don’t make tepee, instead make saucer to allow water to penetrate.

Mulching around plants – Sprinkle in circle about root line, don’t have to broadcast over plant.

Use cardboard or thick newspapers to create new beds rather than digging or spraying.

Plant marigolds with tomato plants and throughout your garden. It’s pretty and rabbits and bugs don’t like the scent of marigolds.         

Deer – To keep deer out of your garden, try using 60 or 70 pound fishing line. Stretch tight about chest high, 3-4 feet.

Raccoons in corn – Use cayenne pepper, they breathe it or get it on their paws and lick their paws. Put down just before corn starts to turn to milk stage or about two weeks before corn ready for picking or at first sign of any damage. Put around the perimeter of area. Take coffee can or similar and sprinkle – net real heavy. Redo if it rains.

Attract orioles with grape jelly (preferably Smuckers).