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Knepp nuisance hearing continued until Oct. 15


A nuisance hearing for Marlin Knepp has been continued until the Oct. 15 county commissioners meeting. Knepp’s request for a land use variance from the LaGrange County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) was denied at a June 25 meeting and the BZA board gave Knepp 90 days to completely remove any evidence of the present use of the land by that time.

    Commissioners agreed that their nuisance fine of $5,175 should not be imposed until after that deadline had been reached. “This man has already suffered a great deal by losing his right to conduct his business,” said Commissioner George Bachman. “I don’t believe there is any need for a fine at this time.”

    Bachman did warn Knepp that failure to have things in order by the October date would result in a fine.

    Knepp was warned that nothing new is to be brought into the property under any circumstances.

    Nuisance Officer Jason Boggs said that substantial progress has been made. “The front end of the property looks great,” he told commissioners. Boggs noted that there are two areas that still need to be addressed and some more fencing is to be constructed.

    Knepp said that he thought “America is supposed to be the land of the free.” He asked about repairing and selling farm equipment or building a hog house and was instructed to confer with Plan Director Bob Shanahan on what he can do or not do on his land and the necessary permits needed.