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Kindergartners create town at Lima-Brighton Elementary School

The community is full of helpers and Kindergarteners at Lima-Brighton Elementary School recently built their own version of a town to learn more about them.

The community helper section for the Kindergarten class looks at the various jobs and activities people do to help their community. And while reading about those people might work, the teachers at Lima-Brighton decided to take it to the next level by having the students work on a project that brought those helpers to life.

Along with a writing exercise, students also made their own buildings and vehicles as they created a small Kindertown. Last week, the students dressed up as their community helper and welcomed visitors – parents and other students – to their town. Some were doctors, dentists, police officers, and firefighters, but there were some other helpers present that, to a Kindergartner, fits in the community, such as a video game maker and horse trainer, among others.

As visitors came through the town, they could ask the students questions about their helper and what they learned. “They were so proud of what they did,” noted Kindergarten teacher Brooke Dalton. “They wanted to tell people everything they learned. It really made them feel important.”