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Kennedy Quartet and Psyche’ debut at Howe Mansion


A casual recital by invitation only was held Sunday, Aug. 12, in the Howe Mansion on the campus of The Howe School.

Superintendent Col. George Douglass gave his blessing to the assembled guests at the debut of two string quartets written by retired Howe Bandmaster Howard Terrell. Guests enjoyed a musically inspired, contemplative afternoon in a perfect setting, listening to Terrell’s recital of his two string quartets, The Kennedy Quartet and Psyche’.

The Kennedy Quartet was written at the time of President Kennedy’s assassination. Psyche’ was written several months later, as Terrell felt he still had something to say about Kennedy’s death and expressed it through this string quartet.

 “A unique characteristic of these two quartets is they can be played in succession, as recorded, without interruption because they complement each other,” Terrell wrote. “The challenge to the composer is to write interesting and demanding music within the technical limitations of the instruments: two violins, one viola and one cello. These instruments are capable of great variety and range of expression and emotion. Other than being technically correct, the music must be satisfying to the listener, as well as the performers.”

Sunday’s recital was performed by Philharmonic musicians from Ft Wayne – Johanna Bourkova and Olga Yurkova on violin, Derek Reeves on viola, and Ed Stevens on cello.