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Juveniles arrested following fight on Pigeon River

The LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department responded to a report of incorrigible teens in the area of CR 280N and SR 3 shortly after noon on July 11.

According to the police report, officers found that two male juveniles from Jackson, Mich., had been canoeing in the Mongo area when they became involved in a verbal argument with one another. The argument escalated into a physical altercation.

The juveniles refused to comply with camp counselors, who were attempting to return them to Michigan following the outing. The juveniles attempted to leave the group. The counselors attempted to get the juveniles to comply, and then contacted the sheriff’s department for assistance.

When officers made contact with the juveniles, the older of the two attempted to strike an officer.

Both juveniles were arrested after all efforts to gain their cooperation failed. The juveniles were detained on charges of disorderly conduct. The older juvenile was also booked on a charge of Battery on a Police Officer.

The incident has been forwarded to the LaGrange County Probation Department for review.

No injuries were reported.