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Joint meeting set for April 23


The LaGrange County Council and LaGrange County Commissioners have set a joint meeting for 8 a.m. on Monday, April 23. The meeting will be a work session to decide which of several proposed projects should be funded this year.

    Among the expected items on the agenda is the funding of a proposal to adopt voice over internet (VOI) service. This is expected to cost some $100,000 but will return a savings of about $5,000 a month for a 21-month payback.

    The county highway department has a bid in place to replace two county highway trucks at a cost of some $368,000.

    The equipment at the county communication center has been determined “on its last legs” and in need of replacement. Estimates are in the $100,000-plus range.

    Funding for the widening and leveling of CR 200N will be considered. Preliminary estimates are at about $3 million. The project will level off some of the hills and widen the road to better accommodate semi traffic on the road.

    A request from the Michiana Event Center (MEC) for a grant to enable the group to purchase the facility for continued public events is also on the table.