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Interlocal agreement discussed

The interlocal agreement between the Town of Shipshewana and LaGrange County to build a road between North Street and Village Drive in Shipshewana was discussed at Monday’s county commissioners meeting. LaGrange Attorney Travis Glick, who was appointed as special counsel for this project, brought a suggested agreement received from the Town of Shipshewana to the commissioners meeting.

Glick pointed out that the agreement called for the county to pay for up to $200,000 for the road and other related infrastructure and asked if that is in fact what the county had intended to happen.

Commissioners said “no.” “I believe the intent was to match an amount for the actual road construction of up to $200,000,” said Commission President Jac Price. “And that was to be paid on receipt of invoices received for the work done.”

County Council President Peter Cook was in the audience and affirmed that he recalls the same agreement to have come from the joint council-commissioners meeting that approved the expenditure from the Major Moves Fund in an October meeting.

Glick was instructed to redraft the agreement to reflect the agreement and forward it to commissioners for review.