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Infraction deferral funds requested by prosecutor


Fred Hartz, speaking for LaGrange County Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Wible, presented a letter of proposed expenditures from the Infraction Deferral fund to LaGrange County Council members Monday morning.

The list included $20,500 for the sheriff’s department, $9,300 for the state police, and $9,785 for a remodeling project at the Elijah Haven shelter home.

Wible had asked for funding for an employee salary in February. The original funding for this position had been received through a grant and the grant providers have decided that the portion of the employee’s time spent on recovery of bad checks does not fit into the category of victim’s assistance. Therefore about 40 percent of the salary or $11,500 has been denied.

Council agreed in March to fund this portion of the salary from Infraction Deferral. Other salary issues plus the money requested for the other expenditures from Infraction Deferral will be considered in May.

There is currently some $305,000 in unappropriated money in the Infraction Deferral Fund.

LaGrange County Clerk Bonnie Brown was given permission to purchase some desks to replace tables in the clerk’s office. Money for this project will come from IV-D and the clerk’s perpetuation fund.

Brown was also advised to not replace a fax machine. Instead, the fax line is to be installed into the copy-scan-fax machine in her office.

Council members approved transfers within budgets for various funds. Major transfers were: $8,500 from miscellaneous disbursements to permit software in the Riverboat Gambling fund; $2,172 from office supplies to equipment and postage for the county clerk; $1,573 from telephone to insurance for buildings and official bonds in the commissioner budget; $1,000 from Pauper and Appeal Attorney to professional services in the circuit court budget.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the LaGrange County Council will be on May 13. Jac Price, chairman of the commissioners, noted in a joint session that a special session may be called whenever proper documentation is received from attorneys for Garmong Construction regarding financing for the proposed shell building in the Fawn River Industrial Park.