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Indiana highway safety being compromised by wire thieves

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and Indiana State Police (ISP) are requesting the public’s help to catch thieves who are stealing wiring from highway light poles. Highway safety is being compromised due to these metal scrapper thieves.

Despite additional security measures and the danger presented by stealing live electrical wires, the thieves persist, especially along highway corridors in Northeast Indiana. The result is darkened highways, threatening the safety of drivers, and a growing cost to Indiana taxpayers as INDOT crews replace missing wires to relight highways.

Over the last year, highway lighting wire theft in Northeast Indiana has cost Indiana taxpayers several thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs. Lighting poles have been targeted by thieves who use any means necessary to rip out and steal wiring to sell to scrap yards for cash. INDOT and ISP are working together to catch the crooks and prevent future theft.

What can the public do?

    See Something, Say Something– Drivers should call 911 if they see anyone around highway lighting poles. Whether the person is dressed in official highway safety gear and uniform or not, the public is asked to call. ISP will arrive on the scene and investigate all individuals working on or around highway lighting.