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Indiana Full-Scale Disaster Response Exercise

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDS) led a full-scale disaster response exercise for the state’s emergency responders through September 26. The exercise took place at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center (MUTC) in Jennings County and simulated severe weather sweeping through a town in Indiana, including an EF3 tornado, damaging winds and heavy rainfall that results in localized flooding.

The week-long exercise included about 800 role players, responders and exercise control and evaluation staff.

IDHS District 3 had several elements assisting in the response efforts during the exercise, including structural collapse, K9 search, an incident management team and law enforcement.

MUTC is designed to reflect a realistic disaster setting and includes flooded homes, debris-littered streets, 120 structures of many types and survivors in need of medical attention. MUTC allows all aspects of the response effort to be executed and evaluated without placing any lives at risk.

IDHS District 3 includes the following counties: LaGrange, Steuben. Noble, DeKalb, Whitley. Allen, Miami, Wabash, Washington, Wells and Adams

Each Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) district response task force is comprised of volunteer emergency responders who dedicate their free time to support other emergency response agencies around the state. When a disaster stretches beyond the scope of a local emergency response agency, local officials can ask the IDHS task forces for support. The task forces comprise of Emergency Medical Services, Law Enforcement, an All Hazards Incident Management Team, a Service and Support section and Fire Suppression.