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The Howe School announces a new capital campaign

The Board of Trustees of The Howe School announced during the alumni association’s annual business meeting on May 4 the beginning of a $10 million capital campaign. According to President Ray Stuckey, the new campaign will help lea the school into a brighter future. The campaign itself will address specific needs of the school’s infrastructure, academic profile, scholarship assistance, and endowment growth. During the meeting, Mr. Stuckey stated, “Today’s young men and women attending The Howe School are continuing to learn the same valuable lessons of lifelong learning, character building, responsibility, and leadership in a faith-based environment that the school has provided to students over the last 129 years. It is incumbent upon the alumni and friends of this school to see that they support this endeavor so the next generations of students have the same opportunities that they did when they attend Howe. The trustees are excited and thankful to announce that as of today over $700,000 has already been pledged and raised toward this goal since its official launch in January 2013.”

The campaign itself identifies specific capital needs for a revamped heating plant, a new metal roofs, certain modifications in the school’s academic building that includes new technology upgrades, scholarship funds for needy students, additional operating funds, a new mess hall and office building at the school’s summer camp located on Cedar Lake, and a rebuilding of the school’s endowment fund. According to the school’s superintendent, Colonel D. George Douglass, “The success of this campaign will allow us to continue our rebuilding of the school’s enrollment and open the facilities that have been closed over the past decade. The Howe faculty and staff, with the help of our alumni and friends, have been doing a great job of helping us to rebuild of enrollment and our academic profile these past two years. Funds from this campaign will greatly support those efforts. The new heating upgrades and new roofs will reduce our energy costs long term. The new summer camp dining hall and administration offices will allow the school and local organizations to use this facility year round as a meeting and conference site. We have an aggressive scholarship program for families who want to see their children succeed. The Howe School graduates have a long history of success in many endeavors. The recent record-setting attendance of our Alumni Weekend is a testament to how they feel about what Howe provided them when they were students here.”