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How some residents are dealing with cabin fever this winter

It has been a winter that many will talk about for a long time. And, not to be pessimistic, it’s not over yet.

Schools in LaGrange County have been closed nearly 10 days in January alone. Many businesses have also been closed a number of days as travel warnings have been issued several times.

That leaves kids – and their parents – at home. You could play video games. You could watch every DVD you have. But with as long and cold as this winter has been, those options run out pretty quickly.

Some families in the county have used this forced “family time” to do something a little different.

The Schackow family has turned to recreating games from a TV show, “Minute to Win It,” which features often silly, but challenging, games to try. And when the temperatures are warm enough, they go outside and do some snow painting.

The King family had friends over during some of the school days, with the girls looking for some entertainment ideas after the movies ran out. The solution? Pillowcases. “None of them had sewn anything, so this was going to be a challenge, for sure,” Joanna King said of the effort. But the monogrammed pillowcases turned out great, with the girls noting that it was “the most fun I’ve ever had!”

Another King sibling, Jaimeson, took the ongoing bad weather as a sign that perhaps a survival pack wouldn’t be a bad idea. Jaimeson included a homemade burner to cook food, rope and other essentials. Then he put it to the test by creating an igloo, complete with a campfire, and “camping out” during the cold.

Others are looking ahead, like Julie Diehm, who is already making plans for mushroom hunting expeditions. Once the weather cooperates, that is.

Wilma Miller and her daughters have taken this opportunity to work on puzzles, play games, watch a few movies and generally enjoy the time together.

While some may have exhausted their movie supply, others have used the days off to catch up on some TV series with some “binge” watching.

Then there are the ones who are staying in Florida and post warm photos online. But friends and family have tended to ignore them.

The good news? There’s only 42 days until spring.

The bad news? There’s 42 days until spring!