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Highway dept. recommends Morton salt bid


LaGrange County Highway Superintendent Jeff Brill recommended that the county commissioners accept the bid of Morton Salt Company for salt to be used on county roads during the 2012-2013 winter season. Commissioners approved the bid of $65.17 per ton (same price as last year) for 1,000 tons of salt. The county is obligated to buy 800 tons before March 31, 2013.

    Other salt bids ranged up to $73.27 per ton. All prices are for salt delivered to LaGrange County.

    Brill also told commissioners that chip and seal has been started. The road project on 200E has been completed and the first round of roadside mowing should be completed this week.

    Commissioner Garry Heller announced that the LaGrange County Park and Recreation Dept. is moving ahead with the development of a five-year master plan. He said that a public hearing on the plan will be forthcoming.

    Commissioners reminded businesses and public places that the statewide smoking ban will go into effect July 1. With few exceptions, smoking is prohibited in most public places.

    Upcoming public meetings include the county plan commission on Tuesday, June 19; Regional Utility Board on Wednesday, June 20; LaGrange County Board of Zoning Appeals on Monday, June 25; and LaGrange County Soil and Water on Tuesday, June 26.