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From the hearts of children


When Elisha Emelander’s children decided to have a lemonade stand, it wasn’t to raise money to buy toys or treats. Nine-year old Logan Emelander told Parkview LaGrange Hospital COO Rob Myers that he and his three sisters had talked about it.

“We thought about buying a toy,” Emelander said, “but we decided we wanted to use the money to help people in the hospital.”

“This is something they came up with all on their own,” said Logan’s mom, Elisha, a nurse in Parkview LaGrange Hospital’s emergency department. “It makes me really proud of them.”

Myers agreed. “You can tell this gift comes straight from the heart. There is a lot we can learn from children,” he said.

The gift from Logan and his sisters, Ashley, age 7, Aleah, age 5, and Alana, age 4, will be directed to the Parkview LaGrange Foundation’s “Special Touch” fund that provides patients with non-medical assistance during an emergency.

The Parkview LaGrange Foundation supports hospital clinical programs and services through charitable gifts and grants. In addition to the Special Touch Program, other foundation initiatives include the Medication Assistance Program (MAP) that provides financial support to uninsured and underinsured patients for their medicines and the Greatest Need fund that addresses unbudgeted clinical needs. The programs are greatly valued by patients and contribute toward their good health. All donations to the Parkview LaGrange Foundation remain in the county for continued improvement of the hospital’s services, facilities, equipment and programs.

For more information about becoming involved in these or other Parkview LaGrange Foundation initiatives, call (260) 463-9004.