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Governor Pence signs Common Core review


Governor Pence has signed education bill HEA 1427, which requires a comprehensive review of the Common Core State Standards.

“I have long believed that education is a state and local function and we must always work to ensure that our students are being taught to the highest academic standards and that our curriculum is developed by Hoosiers, for Hoosiers,” said Pence. “The legislation I sign today hits the pause button on Common Core so Hoosiers can thoroughly evaluate which standards will best serve the interests of our kids. “

HEA 1427 requires the Department of Education to provide a written evaluation of the Common Core by July 1, 2013. It establishes a legislative study committee to explore issues related to academic standards. It also calls for the Office of Management and Budget to assess the fiscal impact of implementing Common Core or an alternative set of academic standards. The State Board of Education must make a final decision on Indiana’s academic standards before July 1, 2014.

“I am grateful for the work of the General Assembly and for continuing to put students first by advancing this important legislation,” said Pence.

Representative Rhonda Rhoads (R) authored the bill and Representative Robert Behning (R) co-authored the bill. Senators Dennis Kruse (R) and Scott Schneider (R) sponsored the legislation. Senators Jim Banks (R) and Lonnie Randolph (D) were the co-sponsors.

Governor Pence also signed two important education bills HEA 1005 and HEA 1348, which fall under the Governor’s Roadmap to improve education for Hoosier students. Governor Pence’s Roadmap outlines his vision to continue Indiana on a pathway to success through fiscal responsibility, economic development and educational opportunity for every Hoosier child.

“The bills will give our Hoosier students more opportunities for the kind of education that will help them to be successful,” Pence stated. “The signing of bills HEA 1005 and HEA 1348 demonstrates our state’s commitment to making education a priority and illustrates my dedication to ensure that all Hoosier students and their families have better educational opportunities.”

HEA 1005 provides new strategies to help schools identify and respond to students’ remediation needs and ensure that students graduate from high school ready for college or a career. The new law allows additional flexibility for remediation grant funding to reach at-risk students and requires more communication from schools to parents.






Representative Ed Clere (R) authored the legislation and Representative Wendy McNamara (R) co-authored HEA 1005. Senators Carlin Yoder (R) and Earline Rogers (D) sponsored the bill.

HEA 1348 is intended to impact on-time college graduation rates by providing incentives for students to stay on track towards graduating with a bachelor’s degree in four years or an associate degree in two years. The bill also provides increased higher education awards for students who graduate from high school with an academic honors diploma. The legislation requires public colleges and universities to commit to on-time degree pathways for each student and to bear the costs of any additional credits needed to complete the degree if the student follows the map and maintains a satisfactory GPA.