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Glick speaks at ITA conference


State Sen. Sue Glick (R-LaGrange) may be a leader in state government, but to her, local government is a critical component to serving Hoosier interests.

This is a belief Glick recently shared at the Indiana Township Association’s (ITA) 2012 Education Conference in Indianapolis. There, she addressed township officers, trustees and board members, emphasizing why local government is necessary to the overall system.

“Some believe local government should be eliminated, sending their duties to county government,” Glick said. “However, we must be cautious about these proposals. Township officials have a responsibility to be the local electorate’s voice and to represent community needs and concerns, especially in regard to fire protection, emergency public assistance and, in some areas, cemetery and community park maintenance. When we remove local government from the picture, we lose this direct line of access that can turn these concerns into action.”

Glick also highlighted the financial benefits of township administration. It is the least expensive government body and a more fiscally responsible alternative to additional burdens being placed upon county government officials, she said.

“As we monitor our state’s budget, the advantages of keeping local administration in place are evident,” Glick said. “It is an inexpensive, yet vital, part of the government process, and this cannot be overemphasized. We must be vigilant in the upcoming election and listen to statements from those running for office regarding these issues.”

Candidate for governor, Mike Pence (R), and candidate for lieutenant governor, Vi Simpson (D), both spoke about their vision for local government at the conference.

The ITA is a statewide, nonprofit organization aimed at uniting and supporting trustees and assessors within Indiana. Of Indiana’s 1008 townships, approximately 750 are member townships of the ITA. For more information, go to