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Glick releases Senate survey results


At the beginning of each session, a survey is sent district-wide to gauge the ideas and opinions of Hoosiers like you. Below are questions from this year's poll with the results from our area in Northeast Indiana.

1. Would you support or oppose changing Indiana law to make employee contributions to unions voluntary, rather than mandatory?
Support: 7%  Oppose: 43%

2. Would you support or oppose legislation that balances the protection of police during high-risk criminal investigations with reinforcing Hoosiers' right to resist illegal intrusion into their homes?
Support: 79%  Oppose: 21%  

3. Would you support or oppose accelerating state intervention for schools that repeatedly fail annual performance standards?
Support: 64%  Oppose: 36%

4. Would you support or oppose legislation prohibiting government employees from serving as elected officials for the unit of government that employs them? 
Support: 72%   Oppose: 28%

5. Would you support or oppose removing the lowest 5 percent of ISTEP+ test scores from official evaluations of teachers and schools?
Support: 56%  Oppose: 44%  

The results are currently being reviewed to learn how to provide better Senate updates.