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Glick honored by American Legion


State Sen. Sue Glick (R-LaGrange) was recently given the Indiana American Legion’s 2012 Distinguished Public Service Award for her leadership in passing legislation to help military veterans find new employment opportunities.

“It is an honor to receive such recognition from the Indiana American Legion,” Glick said. “The Legion goes above and beyond to care for our veterans and service members. Their support has been valuable, and we will continue to work together to back legislation assisting the brave men and women who serve our country while they are in uniform and when they return to civilian life.”

With the support of the Indiana American Legion, Glick sponsored a new law passed in 2012 that waives certain professional license requirements for veterans if they have practiced the necessary skills in the military. This law – House Enrolled Act 1116 – also requires state educational institutions to adopt policies that grant academic credit to those who complete certain military training courses.

“Sen. Glick reached out to the Legion to help right a wrong that had plagued veterans for decades – the inability to qualify for a civilian license to practice a craft or trade they had mastered in military service,” Indiana American Legion Legislative Chairman Danny Rice said during the award ceremony. “Legislation was sorely needed to right this wrong and to grant veterans the licenses that they deserve for training and performance that often far exceeded minimum civilian standards. Sen. Susan Glick undertook to correct this wrong and, for her success in guiding the General Assembly to the proper conclusion, has earned the 2012 Distinguished Public Service Award.”

The Distinguished Public Service Award was established in 2002 and is awarded annually to members of the Indiana General Assembly, according to Department Adjutant Hugh Dagley.